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SodaStream allows you to turn tap water into sparkling water in an instant so you can create homemade fizzy drinks and mixers. Exchange system available.

Your SodaStream cylinder is the heart of your sparkling water maker. It keeps the bubbles contained until you’re ready to release them into your water and powers cordless sparkling water maker models. A single CO2 cylinder produces about 60 liters of sparkling water. 

Each canister is made from the highest-grade brass and aluminum to ensure durability and maximize safety.

Why SodaStream CO2 cylinders?

  • Designed specifically for your sparkling water maker, they fit your machine perfectly, ensuring better carbonation and maximum cylinder efficiency
  • Filled with high-quality, dietary-grade CO2 as used in all traditional carbonated drinks and sodas
  • Perfect condition – every time you exchange your empty cylinder it undergoes a Triple Quality Control process during which it’s inspected, sterilised, and filled with fresh CO2 2
  • Safety – every one of your cylinders is made of the highest-grade brass and aluminum. Of over 70M cylinders produced, no cylinder has ever failed. Now, that’s something to feel safe about!

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