Gas Suppliers & Welding Equipment in Northern Ireland


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We are suppliers of Food Grade Co2 and Industrial Grade Co2 in Northern Ireland

Specialist Industrial Gas and Welding Equipment Suppliers in Northern Ireland.

Gas Tech and Gear are specialist industrial gas suppliers in Belfast and surrounding areas.

We have over 50 years experience in industrial gases and supply all types of industrial bottled gases in NI, including:

  • Co2 Industrial Grade
  • Co2 Food Grade
  • Gas regulators
  • Welding gas
  • Home brew cylinders
  • Mixed gases
  • Dry Ice
  • Special Effects Gases
  • Suppliers of propane/butane in various cylinder sizes
  • BBQ Gas
  • Patio Gas
  • Regulators & Accessories
  • Camping Gas
  • 907 Camping Gas Refills

We are your no. 1 welding equipment suppliers in NI and stock everything you need to weld all materials.

Our gas equipment and welding equipment includes:

  • Welding gear supplies
  • Welding equipment
  • Gas regulators
  • Welding wire
  • Mig welding equipment

We Stock Crowcon Gas Detectors and Transportable Monitors

Calibrating and servicing your gas monitors and detectors regularly is critical when it comes to ensuring that your units comply with all relevant legislation and regulations. Manufacturers recommend that gas monitors are calibrated every six months, to ensure the integrity of the sensors and confirm that the personal gas detector will alarm in the event of toxic or flammable gas exposure, or oxygen depletion/enrichment.

Holding a stopwatch

Dry Ice

Gastech & Gear also supply dry ice to customers throughout Northern Ireland. When using Dry ice proper PTE is a needed requirement due to the fact that the temperature is -78.50C.

There are three forms of Dry Ice that we supply:

Dry Ice Pellets

Dry Ice Pellets

Used for small-scale need such as universities in experiments, small scale storage and the entertainment industry for mist effects.

Pellets can also be use for blasting which is an innovative cleaning process using solid Co2 pellets dry ice is accelerated by compressed air through blast nozzles which will clean surfaces on contact, it will not erode, scratch or wear the area being cleaned.

dry ice

Dry Ice Blocks

Generally used for freeze branding, industrial usage, shipping and specialised smoke machines.

Dry Ice Blocks

Dry Ice Slices

Which are used in the storage and transportation industry for food or medical supplies.

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